Dream Dies, New Dream Arrives

The dream keeps us alive. When we start understanding the world, we start dreaming. A lot of dreams arise in our minds. A kid’s dream may be like; One day, I will be a good man/woman. The next day, I will do this while playing with kids, fly like a bird or a superhero, etc. There are many types of dreams we have.

Like others, I also have dreams.

I have a lot of dreams, a lot of them died years ago and still dying. I am trying hard to keep some alive.

This is my own quote about the dreams in my life. It is also valid for everyone. Our life is not easy. It doesn’t matter you are poor or you are wealthy. You will always sacrifice your dreams. Living a luxurious life won’t make you a big dreamer, or having an impoverished lifestyle won’t make the difference in how many dreams you will have. There will always be new dreams. Many old dreams will die. Sometimes, Old dreams may return alive.

It is our life. We live for dreams. We fight for our dream. That’s how life works.